Bā Guà disc / I Ging disc

The Bāzì disc is a helpful tool for the work with Bāzì Suànmìng (4 Pillars) and WǔYùnLiùQì (5 Great Movements and 6 Qì).
It consists of 2 sides with a rotatable disc each featuring informations for Heaven Stems and Earth Branches:

  • Choose among the 10 Heaven Stems (HS) and get infos about the related 10 gods / shí shén ( including nourishing and controlling relations in between ), nàyīn – elements of each pillar, 12 qì – phases for each earth branch, partners of the 5 HS – combinations and elements of transformations, assigned trigram ( including its number and position inside the luò shū – square ) and sequence number ( used for numerological operations and alternative HS–sequencing systems ).

  • Get the inital Heaven Stem according to the rule of the 5 rats for the hour pillar and the rule of the 5 tigers for the month pillar.

  • Detailed infos about the 12 qì – phases including chinese and pinyin name including english translation plus 2 scales of strength per each phase ( a classical chinese 5 step and a modern 12 step scale).

  • Starting dates and positioning in the year of the 5 phases for the work with the 5 Great Movements (WǔYùn).

  • Formulas for easy transformation of western calendar dates to year and day pillar.

  • chinese farmers calendar with 24 seasonal nodes (jiéqì) as well as 6 divisions of the year for hosting qì.

  • 12 tidal hexagrams and cardinal directions.

  • Exclusively featuring the transformation of the 360 western zodiac degrees to the chinese 12 months for accurate determination of the seasonal nodes and the dynamic dominant heaven stems (DDHS) of month and year.

  • Choose among the 12 Earth Branches (EB) and get infos about their full range of hidden HS according to the 3 qì per each month completely with related qì – phase, see the EB´s phase, planet, sequence number ( easier numbering of EBs due to 2nd sequence starting with the energetic start of year at yǐn ), meridian and trigram according to luò shū – square.

  • Transition times between the DDHS according to Thomas Puetz.

  • Select an EB and see the interacting EBs ( featuring sequence of EB interactions ) as well as Guest Heaven / Guest Earth – Qì ( including starting times throughout the year and side of the body ).

  • Table of 60 甲子 ordered in 6 columns. Additional lateral columns for easier counting of marching years for women/men.

  • Summary of calculation for Preliminary LP (xiǎo yùn), LP (dà yùn) and marching year ( Small LP, xíng nián ).

  • Formula for calculation of body strength for health – analysis.

  • Calculate the void EBs of a pillar in 2 simple steps.

  • Terms are mostly featuring pinyin names and chinese signs.

new in the version of March 2013:

  • Heaven Stem– and Earth Branch– trigrams now with infos ( for Hs ) about number and position inside the luò shū – square according to the system of „received stem 甲 ( Nà jiǎ 納甲 )”.

  • Strength of Daymaster in relation to climate of month EB with numerical value and chinese / english expression.

  • Unique scheme for visualization of the 5 Hs – combinations and the phase of transformation.

diameter = 19 cm / 7,5 inch

Where else can you find about 2 dozens of tables arranged on 2 sides of 1 disc ready to save your time for reference in daily work?

4 Pillars without a chinese calendar? Yes, you can - with simple calendar transformation rules and formulas done by yourself or your ( mobile phone´s ) calculator.

Transform a western horoscope into Bāzì? Simply done with the zodiac informations on the integrated chinese calendar.

Update: in versions prior to march 2012 please correct the direction of the dishonourable punishment (wu en zhi xing) as follows: 丑 to 戌 to 未 to 丑


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Bā Guà Disk / I Ging Disk

disc in 3 layers rotatable against each other in order to combine the 12 meridians with each of the I Ging hexagrams:

  • 12 sided outer layer showing meridians with I Ging Symbol, corresponding acupuncture points and elements. Furthermore time range of meridian on chinese clock.

  • 8 sided intermediate and inner layer with Guas forming together every single I Ging hexagram ( numbering system following Dr. R. Tan ). Extra info on Gua element and
    Yin / Yang polarity.

  • central table showing Guas corresponding to 4 seasons and dojo times with breakpoint times in day & year circle. Linked to the seasons are the suggested I Ging hexagrams to use.
diameter 12cm = 4.75 inch